How many auto policies can I expect to sell monthly as an insurance agent for a large well known company?

How many auto policies can I expect to sell monthly as an insurance agent for a large well known company?

I am a new agent and I was wondering what is the average base salary for an auto insurance sells person and also... how many policies can I expect to sell monthly?


Are you independent or captive (guessing captive)? Did you buy an existing agency or did a company just setup a shop for you in a new market?Agents for personal auto are gradually being phased out by direct writers, at least in my state. If you are just starting out, I would move over to the commercial lines (or something else) side of the industry.Where did you last shop for your auto insurance? If your answer is "online," then you understand what I mean here.You could sell anywhere from 0 to 100 a month, you should be happy if you sell 20 though.


Zero.Most new salespersons receive no base salary, and are only paid commissions. Also, 95% of new salespersons are unable to sell insurance, and have to quit because they are not paid enough money to be able to continue to work.



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