How is the FCPP extended warranty ?

How is the FCPP extended warranty ?

I want to buy extended warranty for my car. The dealer try to sell me the FCPP first canadian production plan offer by the millennium insurance.Does anyone have bad or good experience with the FCPP?


I've always purchased an extended auto warranty for every vehicle I've owned in the last 6 years. In the beginning I used to get them from the dealer, but lately it's cheaper to get them from a auto warranty company. They offer free quotes, so it's easy to see how much one would cost for your vehicle.


For some folks the policies arent worth it but for some people it is. I would have been really in a hard situation without it a couple times with my van when I didnt have the money to pay outright. I was really happy I had the extended warranty.It's really easy to get a estimate online to see how much it will run you for a policy. I have recommended - Good luck.



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