How high would car insurance rates become if a 16 yr old drives a car?

How high would car insurance rates become if a 16 yr old drives a car?

My mom won'-t let me get my G1 because she says her insurance rates will get too high. I asked her how high and she says she doesn'-t even know.I live in Ontario.


You're right, she doesn't know. I did auto insurance in Ontario for 15 years and even I don't know. But I know this, so I'll help you as best I can.G1 drivers usually don't cost anything, because a G1 isn't really a full licence. It is, but it's still not. It's basically a learner's permit and whoever is sitting beside you is almost completely responsible for whatever you do behind the wheel. That's why it doesn't cost anything to add a G1 driver to a policy at any age.When you get your G2, it's a whole different story. Now you can drive alone and stuff, so now it starts costing money. You'd probably by on the policy as an occasional driver, which is expensive but still a whole lot cheaper than being a principal (main) driver of a vehicle. 16 year old principal drivers pay insurance rates somewhere between insanity and financial sodomy, because the odds are about 60% that they'll be involved in an accident before the year is finished.What you can do is this. Call up Mom's agent / broker (with her permission of course) and ask them what it would cost. They'll tell you, no problem. Make sure you mention that you don't have your G1 yet, and you're just looking for some information in advance. Knowing that stuff in advance is always a good thing, believe me. In war (because driving in Ontario is kind of like combat), the general who learned the most in advance is the one who celebrates the victory.Also, you'll definitely want some professional driver training for sure. That not only cuts down the insurance premiums, it severely increases your chance of not getting killed in an accident. The best in the business is Young Drivers, and you know this because every other driving school tells you they're as good as them. Nobody ever says they're as good as Sears or Crazy Eddie's School Of Motoring, they all say they're as good as Young Drivers. There's a reason they all pretend to be that good.



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