How good is USAA auto insurance?

How good is USAA auto insurance?

I heard about a company called USAA for auto insurance yesterday. I think it'-s a website for military officers, and ex-officers or enlisted people. My dad was in the Air Force and I think that qualifies, but I dont know how good this company is or how well they deal with claims. Please tell me about your experiences with them.


USAA is an incredible company for Auto Insurance, as well as banking, life insurance, and home/rental insurance.Personally, I have Auto / Credit Card / Life Insurance / Rental Insurance all through USAA.When I was involved in a car accident a few years ago, it took only one call to get everything going, the adjuster took great care of me, the car was repaired perfectly, and they covered everything.My credit card with them is a very low regular rate (below 10%), and their payment rules are the best. Their rental insurance rates are lower than anyone else I checked, and they have a coverage option for computers which covers any kind of damage, whether it happens in or out of your home. (for your laptop for example).Anyhow, as far as strictly the auto insurance, I would highly recommend it for one other reason....Many cops are ex-military, and they know that USAA members are former military or military related. Often the first question I get after handing a cop my insurance card is "how do you have USAA?". (my grandfather served in WWII and Korea, and my parents were members)They nearly always lighten their attitude. That alone is worth carrying it for me.Additionally, if the company is profitable, members get a partial refund for the overage that the insurance company makes. This year, the company was profitable, and I got back $27.18. And that's on top of the fact that my insurance rate is significantly lower than even the super low cost insurance carriers like Mercury or 20th Century.Their web site is also great for printing auto ID cards, paying your bills, applying for other accounts, etc...Source(s):http://www.usaa.com15 years of personal experience with the company.


USAA is THE BEST. I would have my insurance there, if I qualified. If your dad was RETIRED from the Air Force, then yes, you qualify. If he just did a tour or two, you won't.Claims are spectacular. Coverage is more broad, especially for special situations dealing with actively deployed people, than anywhere else. Pricing is rock bottom.They are SO good, that when someone with USAA comes to me, asking for a competitive quote, I don't bother - I likely can't beat their rates, and their service is as good as anyone's.


It is very good. But look at the website to see if you qualify for membership. It's not open to everyone. Generally, you'd need to be the child of a USAA member (not just a veteran) to join.Source(s):USAA member since 1982.


I'm another competitor who'd gladly tell you they're a great company. The previous respondents were spot-on.


They are very good I had them for a few years and they were good with claims. I did switch to e-surance to save money though but have never made a claim with them.



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