How do I switch auto insurance?

How do I switch auto insurance?

Right now I am currently paying way too much with Progressive. I just got a quote with Geico and it was much better. So how do I go about switching? Will I owe Progressive money? Do I have to wait before I can switch? Any cancellation fees?

you can cancel most insurance at anytime, then pick up with your new company. just make sure you've got no gaps in coverage.



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How can I lower my insurance?
This is where an agent comes in handy. He or she can answer this type question for you. Here are ways to lower your premium:1. Shop around. If your agent is an independent agent he or she can check with the other companies they represent. If not, you will need to call some local agents yourself...

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You should contact the police. Generally if there is an accident and a police report is involved, they will call the insurance company to verify it is an accurate policy number. If the police officer somehow wrote down the wrong number by accident, you can call the insurance company's claims...

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get yellow pages out and phone everyone for the best price!Source(s):easy++