How do I make an auto claim to my insurance company?

How do I make an auto claim to my insurance company?

I got in a wreck, do I need to make a claim and if so how?


call them say i had a wreck


Heck, yes, you need to report it. Call your agent, or the claims number in the insurance ID card the company gave you- you do have that, don't you?


You look at your insurance card. It will have an agents name and phone number, and a claims reporting number. Call the claims reporting number and say "I had a wreck." Chances are they will ask for your policy number, which is also on the card. Give it to them, wait until they access your policy, then answer any questions they might have.Was it your fault? If so your car won't be fixed unless you have collision coverage, but you need to pay for the damage you did. If it wasn't your fault, they will tell you what to do.


Anybody who has a driver's license should know how to contact their own insurance company to make a claim. Normally, if you have a number for a local agent, call him. Or if you have a 1-800 number, call it and ask for the claims department. Or most insurance companies allow you to submit a claim online if you go to their website.


Auto accidents are unfortunate events that can occur without a moment's warning. You have auto insurance and pay the premiums on that auto insurance so you are covered in the event of an accident. But if you don't follow the right steps after your accident you could make a crucial mistake that leads to yuor auto insurance claim being denied.Here is an article that can not only answer your question but will tell you everything you need to know about the claim process.


umm duh! call em



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