How do I insure my personal property against theft?

How do I insure my personal property against theft?

I'-m wanting to insure my personal property, like my computer and Xbox and whatnot, against theft. I tried looking for renters insurance (since I live in an apartment), but they only want to insure the real property, not my personal belongings.What should I type in to Google to find what I need?


The actual structure of the apartment is covered by your landlord's insurance company- all of the belongings that you bring into said apartment is covered under a renter's policy.Shop around online and get some quotes (you might want to start with whomever you have auto insurance with because some companies offer a discount). They're going to ask you what kind of deductible you want (standard is $500), how much liability coverage you want (consult with an agent), and how much stuff you have in a monetary amount.As far as figuring the last one out, make an estimate of all your belongings and tack an extra $5,000 onto that, just for some wiggle room - even if you estimate $20,000 worth of stuff, it should still be fairly inexpensive, probably around $100 premium for a year.Good luck and don't let it go too long without having the insurance!Source(s):I work for an insurance company and just moved into my new apt


A renters policy insures your personal property - not the building.That's what a renters policy is for. The land lord will have a policy on the building.A renters policy is known as an HO4. Here's some general information I found about them:…Source(s):Insurance Adjuster 12 years


I don't think the person you talked to has any knowledge of a "Renter's Policy", or perhaps does not sell them (there are agents out there that will write only certain types of polices...kind of dumb, huh?).I would call an independent agent in your area. Ask your friends and family who the use. Or contact some of the larger companies out there like State Farm, Farmers, Allstate, Progressive. They will refer you to a local agent and then they can help you with getting a quote.Good Luck!Source(s):30+ Years in the Insurance Industry


Real property means building. Personal property means contents - your personal belongings.You need a renters insurance policy. Tenant's insurance. Either you're confused, or the person you talked to had no idea what they were talking about. Try someone else.



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