How do i get appointed with a insurance company in miami ?

How do i get appointed with a insurance company in miami ?

am doing plans to open an insurance agency for the first time in miami and i want to know which insurance companys appoint agencys that are opening for the first time like mines ? can some one please help me ?


contact Better Bus. Burea. Small Business Admin. Go to public government office


Well most companies like to see at least 5 yrs of experience in the field. You need to contact the companies directly to get appointments, some companies will have restrictions. Progressive is always a good company to start.Progressive.- 1-800-888-7764


About the only carriers that will appoint you, IF you have an insurance resume, are Progressive and Infinity Leaders, for auto. In FL, good luck getting a property appointment. I honestly don't see it happening. But if you want NONSTANDARD, you can try Foremost Insurance.You really need to talk to all the insurance marketing reps you've ever known.And don't sign a lease until you have some carriers lined up - you'll have an office, but nothing to sell.Source(s):agent, 21+ years



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