How do I get affordable insurance after dui non-conviction?

How do I get affordable insurance after dui non-conviction?

State farm is canceling my auto insurance after a company called ChoicePoint inc. reported info. from the DMV about reinstatement of license, Chemical test modification and Chemical test revocation. I was arrested for a first offense and plea bargained to jump though all the hoops, pay all fines in order for it not to result in a conviction. Are there any insurance companies out there that do not purchase info. from ChoicePoint?


If you were convicted of a DUI or some other alcohol-related offense, you're insurance rates are obviously going to go up. In my DUI, I was dropped from my insurance company (Erie) because mine involved an accident and a crapload of medical bills.State Farm was actually the ONLY insurance company that absoutely refused to provide coverage after the accident. I checked with about 10 different companies(All-State, Nationwide, Geico, etc.), and even with a DUI conviction they were willing to provide coverage. Granted my cost went from about $500 a year with Erie pre-DUI to about $2500 afterwards, it is still possible to get coverage. You can call any of the insurance companies and they are more than willing to give you around!


Your name will be on a "cancelled policy holder" list. This will restrict you to "high risk" insurance for at least 3 years. This type coverage is not cheap.


So you were not convicted of a dui? Either you were or you weren't that's simple answer. What did you plea bargain to? What was the end result? Was the term dui even mentioned? State farm is one of the leading insurance agencies around right now. They don't cancel insurance for no reason.I'd go back and sue my lawyer for incompetence. You ask for a dismissal in a dui case, not plea bargain. Sounds like the plea was an agreement of how much time you were going to spend as punishment for the dui, and not whether a plea of dui was entered or not.Honestly sounds hokey to me. I'm not here to judge though.For me to answer though I'd have to know all the facts of why state farm is canceling. You do NOT want to end up at some scheizter insurance agency that's bilking and may not pay off if something happens anyway. Trust me that goes on. Either fight with your lawyer or fight with state farm. Or did you even have a lawyer?You have to realize a lawyer is a necessary evil. You might balk at paying for a lawyer, but when it's all said and done, you pay him $500 versus paying the state $1300 with your record shot."you get what you pay for"Go back to state farm, you had to have had a person you spoke with regularly there. Ask them why the cancellation. Ask them about sheizter insurance agencies.Source(s):………………………



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