How do I find out which insurance company I last held car insurance with?

How do I find out which insurance company I last held car insurance with?

My car insurance expired a year ago. I didn'-t renew it as I had a company car. I now have my own car again and need proof of my no claims. However, I can'-t remember which company I was insured with and can'-t find the old insurance certificate!


If you did not pay by cash get a copy of an old bank statement from your bank you may have to pay a small fee for this.


how did you pay ? have you old bank statement ? where did you pay ?


Also ask your employer for a letter confirming that you had a company car for a year and were claim free (if you were!!) - that year counts too!


There are a number of things you can do to find your car insurance coverage history & claim history:* Look through old bank statements / credit card statements. Because there's usually a company name in the description line for your payments, you can probably find out which auto insurance company covered you at that time.* Contact your local DMV - your DMV may be able to tell you about your previous insurer, but with no claims... maybe not. Here's a site that lists direct links to US DMV websites:* Get a CLUE Report - a report from this site will outline your claim history for vehicles / property for your future insurer. If the other options fail, this would be the way to go. You can find out more information here: though, I'm really unfamiliar with it.The last may be more what you're looking for, but checking bank statements and credit card statements may be faster and cheaper.Source(s):


Look at you payment records. If you pay by check, go thru them to find the Company. Good luck.


No way to do that.As you have not been continuously insured many 9insurers will not carry on your NCB anyway


Do you still have your check register from your checking account. Check to see who you wrote the check to if you kept it.



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