How do I enforce my rights according to Ca Auto Ins. Law without an attorney.?

How do I enforce my rights according to Ca Auto Ins. Law without an attorney.?

Their insurance accepted fault immediately. I have rights according to CA Auto Ins. Law, but Geico acts like they do not have to adhere to my rights under California Insurance law. The CA Ins board is watching, but they will not answer this and other questions.


Look into your states small claims court. Every state has a different set amount, but I have had good luck with the small claims court in my state(Texas). I often get ripped off by a mechanic & air conditioner repair man- in both disputes, the one I was trying to get compensation from told me I needed to replace one part that cost $300.00 or so. I would fork out the money and then they would tell me that it wasn't fixed and it was actually a different part that was broken. I got my money and was reimbursed for the time I had to waist on the case and no car. People need to learn that you need to run an honest business. I had a friend that was in a wreck lately where he was not at fault. The other person's insurance company decided he should pay 35% and the person that hit him pay 65% because he was 35% at fault! He got his money and had good luck with small claims too.Personally, I would get an attorney and sue them. It is the easiest way and safest. Without an attorney, you will not be sure how it will turn out. Sue them for everything you have had to pay for- the judge will often make them pay for all.


This will be a pain in never mind go to the law library at a nearby university or whatever look it up and submit a demand for renumeration to the insurance co. use legalese or else file a suit in small claims court. Let me warn you - Warren Buffett owns that insurer and he didn't become the richest man in America by paying out claims, and he has a lot of lawyers tho they cannot appear in small claims court.Prepare to bend over.Source(s):Some things you know if you pay attention from the flat rock of the gnome


Your question is to vague. What right do you feel has been violated? Why do you feel it has been violated?Insurance and Insurance law is very complicated. You're going to have to be more specific in your question. As it is, you have a question that is to general to be answered.Source(s):Insurance Adjuster 12 years


I'm with MSAD. This is too vague to answer. If the carrier has accepted liability and wants to get this taken care of, what laws aren't they following? More details are needed.


You will have to give us more details before anyone can answer this question. What rights? what happened?



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