How dangerous is California San Bernardino in comparison to Indianapolis?

How dangerous is California San Bernardino in comparison to Indianapolis?

More or less crime? What'-s there to do there?Is there a safe place to live for a white person in that city?I'-m doing a National Student Exchange program. LA is about an hour away, and I was looking for internships there as well. I was going to do the half and half thing, where I live between the two cities and go to campus once or twice a week, and the rest of the courses are online. Then go do my internship in LA.


San Bernardino is no fun place the people that are there most have been for generations and things just do not get to them like they do to people from other places and move there. lots of shooting and a lot of the Suburb is crime stricken and its mostly like a 24 hour a day city the traffic never stops. Cost of everything is high. best you have some people that that can house you so you have gas money and insurance coverage. Auto might get a lot of Dings on it so be careful where you park at shopping centers. Churches are by invitational so do not expect to just go to one and be let in. There are some free clinics around. You mat do better out towards the Coast then your planned destination !Source(s):Stayed a week in my car at the Beach and marinas in Oxnard Cal. and traveled to End of Cal Blvd in San Bern. and slept in my car a few hours hot and filthy and police came and put on there SWAT gear and went on a Drug Bust! Guns and all! Private cars and Sheriff Vests! Did not stay long, Palm springs for a week and then traveled east getting to East Texas three days later.



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