How can you find out if a person have auto insurance coverage?

How can you find out if a person have auto insurance coverage?

The policy number on the police report was invalid, how can one find if a person has auto insurance coverage?


Call a random insurence co. You could call yours. You may be able to have the D.M.V. or what ever they call the play where you apply for a liscense where you live. Did you talk to the policeman that wrote the report? You can just call the station and then leave a message for him/her to call you back. The officer can go to the persons house if need be also.


You should contact the police. Generally if there is an accident and a police report is involved, they will call the insurance company to verify it is an accurate policy number. If the police officer somehow wrote down the wrong number by accident, you can call the insurance company's claims representative and give the policy holder's name and ask to file a claim.Alternately, you could file the claim with your own insurer if you have comp/collision, and they could subrogate the other insurer for recovery of payment.Source(s):Insurance rep 1.5 years experience.


You can try calling that company but it is really not your responsibility to do that kind of "detective work". Have you thought of having your own insurance do that work ? Isn't that just one of reasons we pay premiums to our own insurance company ?



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