How can liberals compare mandatory auto insurance to mandatory health insurance?

How can liberals compare mandatory auto insurance to mandatory health insurance?

First, auto insurance is different state by state. Second, driving is a privilege that you have a license for and do on public roads where you can injure other people.THERE'-S NO COMPARISON!!!


In order for you to be a liberal, you have to believe that our elected officials know better than you and will do only what’s best for the people. They want government to have as much power as possible when the democrats are in power and no power when the republicans are in power. I’m not sure how they reconcile giving power while the dems are in power can be turned off when the repubs take over. Somehow allowing for the democrats to force people to buy health insurance is OK because health insurance is a right. Driving is a privilege! I guess this makes sense if you’re a dem.


The same way Republicans compare Health care reform to socialism.


They don't make use of reason or common sense.


Don't forget that we aren't forced to buy auto insurance if we don't own a vehicle.


Probably because the Republicans were responsible for making car insurance mandatory for drivers in most states.They ignore the fact that the car insurance rules are at the state level and fit the Constitution by recognizing the 10th Amendment.


No comparison to insuring something that can cause significant damage, and if you don't have can bankrupt you? Sorry, but they are the same.


YOU WILL HAVE TO GET HEALTH INSURANCE......IT IS THE LAW OF THE LAND.....peace and love....peace and love.....


I think the better analogy is mandatory taxation. That is the taxation of folks without insurance, because they create a drain on everyone's pocketbook when they show up sick or injured at the emergency room without the ability to pay for their care.


It is the government telling you what to buy doesn't matter if it is state or federal if one is wrong the other is wrong to but since we have allowed the states to get away with it why is it so different. The insurance companies win all the time with their "gifts" to politicians and you lose.


It suits their agenda. You have to have auto insurance to protect other people in the event that you cause an accident. You are required to have homeowners insurance to protect the bank in the event that your house burns down.You are not required to own a car or a home, but you will be required to buy insurance to be a legal citizen. These are not the same things.


There's a HUGE difference!I know first hand. My step mother and I were in a bad car accident when I was twelve. My step mother's wrist was snapped almost completely off. She was rushed to the ER and they did everything in their power to put her wrist h/hand back in place. That was 94' and since then she has had four more surgeries AND she has limited to no feeling in her left hand.Point to this story is the people that hit her had no insurance (They were from TN) and they were not held responsible for anything but making monthly payments to my step mother for her surgey (She had health insurance). Theys topped paying after about a year. It wasnt worth my step mother hiring an attorney and spending a lot of time in court.Secondly, auto insurance is to protect innocent people as well and the people who gave you the loan to buy youre new car.Most importantly it's NOT true that all these people dont have anyway of recieving healthcare. I live in Raleigh NC and there are SEVERAL health care facilities that provide care to those of a lower income. WakeMed hospital will accept payment arrangements if you need a surgery and cant afford it.My oldest sister in law cant afford health care coverage because she is a single mother and barely makes it. She goes to a nice clinic to get her annual female check and even when she is sick. She gets discount meds at WalMart too for like $4. They base it off your income and decide what amount you need to pay. Most of her appointments come out to about $30-$40 which is GREAT! I HAVE health insurance and when I went to get some x-rays and MRI's I had to pay a co-pay of $100 each time AND my sister in law paid a $50 TOTAL for a cat scan of her knee. So to hear all these people crying out about not getting help is just so far from the truth.NO.... you dont have a large variety of choices in doctors but you do recieve medical care.MY youngest sister in law works at McDonalds and she has been offered twice health insurance at $7/week. She CAN afford it. She makes $9/hr and works more than 40 hours a week and has NO debts except her cell phone of $55/month and her part of rent of $200. She HAS the right to refuse health insurance. She is ONLY hurting herself, not anyone else. IShe has made the decison that she does NOT want health insurance BUT everytime she gets sick she runs to the ER and they treat her and she NEVER pays. It's very unfair.She also has a growth growing on her ear and that growth has another growth growing on top of it.It needs to be removed. She has made payment arrangements with a local hospital of $25 a month for three years. So whats so terrible about that??????? I think she should ocunt her lucky stars and feel BLESSED that she is able to have surgery after she made the decison twice that she didnt want health insurance.Dont get me wrong. I REALLY do understand that there are people out there that cant find jobs, afford health care, or do anything. I know there are people out there who are truly victims of their upbringing and can't break the cycle. I understand that more than anyone.But I also understand that there are SOOO many people who will NOT marry their significant others because it effects the government help they received for themselves and their children. Now thats just so unfair.LASTLY, I have a girlfriend from Canada who I met in Floridia while on vacation. She HATES their health care. When one of her kids are sick she cant just take them in to the doctor. She usually needs to wait a day or two until there is space.Ohh yeah, may I add that I have a severe Nuerological disorder and I need brain surgery again. I have really great health care insurance. But the BEST doctor out there for my specific surgery is in Long Neck NY. My insurance will not cover him because he is out of network HOWEVER I am just very grateful that I am recieving medical attention that is very very good.I WISH I could have the Neurosurgeon in Long Neck NY operate on me instead but it is what it is.Just think, there are people out there who suffer daily and dont even have access to Tylenol or food or clean water, but make sure you complain to no end about not being able to see Dr. Wonderful, and you had to SETTLE for Dr. Fantastic.So inconsiderate.....


I know. Isn't that the most illogical poorest example that doesn't have any merits in common.If I don't own a car--i don't have to have any auto insurance.This welfare--illegal unconstitutional law makes me buy a service/product whether I need it or not.Plus, car insurance is different because the state owns the highways and land you drive on...Does the Federal govt now own me--like slavery--this is a mandatory tax on me for being born--Liberals logic is so insane and ignorant--I'm surprised libs can even make to their jobs and home again each about mental midgets!



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