How can I save lots of money?

How can I save lots of money?

I want to save lots of money but I don'-t want anything big that I cannot do such as changing to renewable energy. So are some things a 13 year old guy can do to save lots of money for the family and myself?


OK, so you are looking for the family to save money too right, not just you the 13 year old guy?The best place to save money is on recurring bills. I went through this about 2 years ago and trimmed hundreds off of my bills.You need to look at each bill as it comes in and ask these 3 questions:1. Do I need this?2. Do I need this at this level?3. Can I get it cheaper somewhere else?Here's some savings I found when I did mine.Home phone: It's a good bet your family has some sort of package deal, like local and long distance for a set fee. If you folks use a lot of long distance, this may be good. If not, call the phone company and say look, I don't use a lot of long distance. Ask what their basic phone plan is. You want to use the words "tariff rate." When they give you a number, ask specifically if that is the tariff rate. The tariff rates is the minimum plan for basic phone service at the lowest rate they offer.You can also find very cheap long distance separately. is a great place to try. I pay 4 cents per minute long distance, and my landline phone bill is regularly less than $20 including long distance. Also ditch crap like call waiting and caller ID. It costs them nothing but they charge you big bucks.Cell phone: Do you really need it? If so, do you need that big bucket of minutes they sell you for $40 a month? If you are a lite user, say under 200 minutes a month, you are much better off buying a prepaid plan from the likes of T-Mobile. You pay $100 for 1,000 minutes good up to 1 year. So instead of paying over $500 a year for cell phone, I pay $100.Car insurance: There are oodles of sites that quote auto insurance. Spend time on a few of those. Also, if members of a warehouse club like Sams Club or Costco, those places sell auto insurance too. After doing all those internet quotes, I had Costco quote mine and it was $400 cheaper per year than any of the other ones that you see advertise on TV like Geico or Progressive. When reviewing auto insurance, they should review their coverage for what they need vs. what they have. No need to spend extra for coverage you don't need.Cable TV or satellite: Again. Do you need it at that service level? Can you get it somewhere else? Can you get by with just free broadcast TV? Even if you need or want what you have, call them and ask them if there is some promotional offer you can sign up for. Cable companies often offer 6 month promos for less than your current plan. At the end of 6 months, sign up for a different promo plan. Satellite is less flexible that way because it's usually sold on an annual or 2 year contract basis.Internet: Again it's a matter of can you get it cheaper somewhere else. If you have DSL, check with the cable company. If you have cable, check with the phone company.As for power and heat, most utility companies offer free home energy audits. They come out and inspect and let you know what sort of improvements you can make to save energy and money. Also they'll let you know about any rebate or tax programs that might help you do so. Big gains can be made from simple cheap stuff like insulating more, caulking, etc. My home energy audit even gave me 4 CFL light bulbs and a programmable thermostat for free.So as a 13 year old if you want to help, you can do some of the research stuff on the internet and find these sites and deals for your parents, so they can call the companies and make the changes.


How the money-saving expert to doDo you want to learn how the money-saving expert to do? If yes,please read the followings carefully:1. To set a financial goals.Do you want to buy a car, or want to buy a house? To build a special fund for yourself.For example,if you want to to buy a 10-million car in two years, you can calculate the average monthly amount of money to be able to save and then put money into your special fund each month until the end of two years.2. Build a mandatory savings plan.To create an account in the bank ,and then put 20% of your salary into the account.And strictly not allowed to use the money.This can ensure that you will not become a “moonlight clan people” at least.3. Learn how to use coupons and discount cards.Now,supermarkets and shopping malls provide more and more coupons,as long as you pay attention, you can save many dollars each month.4. To play a secondary market effect.In the secondary market,you can buy what you need, or sell anything you do not need. In this way, you can save many dollars each month.5. At home for dinner.Insist on eating at home.And bring lunch to work every day.This is obvious, not only save money, but also health and safety nutritious.Similarly, you can choose to take the bus to work, reducing the number of a taxi or a car.Saveing money, is a responsible attitude to life, not just for yourself. Perhaps, one day, “You do save money” like “you do eat,” as a part of your life.Source(s):


Make your own cleaning products at home. You will see how much you monthly savings have increased.-Use a rag to dust with & clean round the kitchen. It will save you plenty compared to purchasing paper towels, Clorox wipes, etc.-Recycle your Christmas tree. An artificial tree will save you money annually, compared to buying a live tree every year.-Look into garage sales. You will find some pretty decent things.-Two words. Go Green!!!-Host a swap party. Swapping clothes, appliances, books, etc with someone else would save you tons. You are pretty much getting rid of your junk ad receiving new items for free.-Look into beauty & vocational schools. You can get some services for a fraction of the cost at a regular beauty salon or service garage.-Use energy save light bulbs, these are eco-friendly and will help you save a bundle on electricity.-Change your AC filters.-Try to use cold water more frequently, than hot water. Believe it or not hot water uses a lot of electricity.-Unplug electronics that are currently not in use. Another electrical bill saver.-Instead of using your heater, why not out on a good sweater. Or wrap yourself in a comfy blanket.-Buy separates that coordinate. You can make numerous combinations.-Buy a season ahead. Buy next year’s winter clothes towards the end of this season’s. You will find that the clothing is much cheaper once the season is almost over.-Visit the clearance section first. You will be amazed at what you will find.-If you are doomed to destroy clothing items, due to your job, make sure to buy quality. It’s best to buy good pair of jeans once or twice a year, rather than monthly.-Don’t buy new movies or books- go to your nearest library. Depending on the library you will find a wide selection of books, magazines, CDs, & DVDs.-Find free events & activities to do within your neighborhood.- If the library isn’t for you, then rent your movies & video games at Netflix or Gamefly. These companies require a low monthly fee for unlimited games. Instead of purchasing $50 for one game. Why not pay $20 for an unlimited selection.Find more tips on


Put the family in a water only diet for 3 months.No more cokes or soft drinks of any kind.Turn off the water heater and let everyone take cold showers in 30 degree water.Ok, maybe that one is too drastic./



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