How can I obtain drivers insurance when neither parent has a license in California?

How can I obtain drivers insurance when neither parent has a license in California?

because insurance is a binding agreement that requires one parent to have a valid license, and neither of mine do, I cannot buy auto insurance.- My grandparents will not help me eitherI have 1000$ to buy insurance, and I will drive either way, insurance or not, is there any loophole around this law?thanks.


Insurance is a contract between the owner of the car and the insurance company. If your parents establish a corporation and the proper paperwork to make the corporation the owner of the car is filed, then insurance can be obtained.The better option is to wait until you are 18. When you are 18, you can obtain insurance in your own name without having a parent with a license.


I suggest you locate a local auto insurance agent to help. Since I live in Wisconsin I can't recommend anyone in California, but here is an resource that can help you. it works out



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