How can I help my father advertise and market his insurance agency?

How can I help my father advertise and market his insurance agency?

he says a lot of his customers are leaving to buy insurance on the internet. I want to take over the agency when I finish school so I'-m hoping to help with customer retention, marketing to new customers, and growing the book of business.


You really need a new marketing plan. To know what you have to do differently, first, you have to know what his CURRENT strategy is. More than likely, there isn't one.


Your father is right, because I also own an insurance agency and many of my customers had been leaving the agency to the internet until I started fighting back. In order to maintain/grow the agency it’s really pretty simple, you need to do two basic things: sell more policies and retain more of your business.First let’s talk about retention. The number one reason clients leave the agency is because you have not done a good job of showing value in what you provide. Even though it can be difficult, someone from my office or I always speak with customers once a year to review the policy. I ask questions about any changes that could offer any additional discounts. This peaks their interest because it shows I am trying to help save money. I also identify any other needs for insurance but I NEVER sell anything during a policy review. I don’t want customers afraid to meet with me! I take this time to refresh their memory about why they chose their coverages and paint a picture of how their life could be affected if they did not have this insurance. I treat every policy review as if I were selling it to them for the first time. I tell real examples of customers who have left my agency and had horrible experiences. One of my customers actually lost his house because of an internet auto policy he was sold with state minimum coverage! That is no joke. Today, my customers don’t stay with my agency because they couldn’t find a better price online, they stay because they don’t shop around. I am their insurance guy.Now let’s talk about selling more policies. You need to think like a consumer. Almost every insurance shopper will do one of two things: ask a friend or use the internet.For those that ask a friend… During my policy reviews I always remind customers about my referral program which gives them a gift if they refer new clients. I also give them a small tag with their policy and my agency information to put on their keychain and I encourage clients to put my phone number in every cell phone in the house. That way when someone asks, they’ll always have my contact information in hand.For those that shop the internet…. I decided three years ago to take nearly 100% of my marketing budget and move it to the internet and it has worked great for me. I use Google adSense and Yahoo Search Marketing to make sure links to my agency show up anytime someone within five miles of my agency searches insurance. I also pay for featured listings on all the yellow page websites. I will pay to have my agency listed on any website that my customers may be on. For those that get past all my initial marketing, I purchase their information from internet lead providers. In my area, you can’t look for insurance online without coming across my name. I included a link to get you started. That’s the only way to beat the internet direct writers, play their game and win.Good luck. With the right focus on your customers the insurance business can be very beneficial to you, it continues to be for me.Source(s):


There are many different ways to advertise. You could use the classifieds, articles, ads, many other different ways. I know of a place that can teach you everything you need to know about advertising. I guarantee that you will be helping your dad make better as well as yourself.Source(s)



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