How can i get the ph # of the insurance company when i only have a policy number of the driver at fault?

How can i get the ph # of the insurance company when i only have a policy number of the driver at fault?

the police report list '-us auto insurance'- as the insurance company of the driver at fault.there is also a policy number listed '-ypil000009220'-.ther is no such company ,as i tried calling 411 or did a goole research and come up with nothing.i called the driver at fault and he refuses to give me the information.does anybody know how else i can get the phone number of the insurance company? i tried to get it at the time of the accident but the cop won'-t let me get out of the car.

Talk to a rep at the claims department......sorta sweet talk her because all policy numbers are identifiable by the company....She has been doing this for years hopefully...she will be able to to tell you the company possibly the 800 number


Search for the Department of Insurance for your state on the web, then look for consumer information and then you can look up the company's name and it should be listed. Many states also have a consumer hot line that will give you the claims office phone number and address. If all else fails, contact your own insurance company to attempt to contact the insurance company for you.


I can't believe the officer would not release the companys name to you.y ou are entitled to that. Also you can request a police report that should have that information in there. The insurance company that is covering the at fault person should be contacting you also. If after this no luck you may have to file a civil suite to get that person to pay. I DEFINATELY WOULD. He does't want to cooperate, do what you must. Try to call your insurer as last resort if you can't contact his. Why? Because with some insurance companys your rates go up although your not at fault, or points go against you. Hope I helped some.


Well, you shouldn't have to talk to his insurance company anyway, he owes you the money, not them. Bill him, and let him talk to the insurance to get it back. (Less his deductible of course).If he refuses to pay, take him to court and bring along the police report proving he was responsible for the accident.


I was able to find US Auto Insurance doing a Google search but not sure if it would be the same company. You may want to look in the yellow pages for your town as it may only be a small local company. I would also contact your insurance company and see if that particular format of policy number looks familiar to them as they deal with this sort of thing on a regular basis.I hope this helps.


Have you contacted your insurance company? You need to call the police to report your new findings. If the police give you crap about it, call the insurance company and tell them what is going on. Forget being nice about it, the other person is either driving without insurance or giving false information to avoid paying. The other person could get in some trouble if they are. Like I said, forget being nice. Do what YOU have to do.


Call your own insurance company...they should be able to help you out if the other driver is being uncooperative or deceptive.



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