Help me please??? The person who lists the most items gets ten pts.?

Help me please??? The person who lists the most items gets ten pts.?

I'-m taking a week long trip from southwest Texas to albequerqe, nm. I'-m driving 13hrs over there and 13hrs back. What should I take?? And by the way, I'-ll be spelunking in the Carlsbad Caverns. [[caves]] what should I take for that??Thank you so much!!=D


Clothes, camera, books or any type of item just in case you get board, sun block, sun glasses, phone in case of emergincies, money, back pack, and a ...uhhh..... battery powered fan. They're little.


Camera, credit cards, money, sunglasses, jacket, comfortable shoes, hat, cell phone, enough clothes, book to read, magazines, dont forget your toiletries, emergency numbers and family numbers, a nice lightweight purse, rain jacket


1.water (buy a case of bottled water at the super market in your area, it's cheaper than buying a bottle at a time.) Freeze as many bottles as you can and on the day of departure place inside a cooler with ice in your car.2. sun block with high IPF #203. straw hat with wide rim4. sunglasses5. chap stick (lips crack with heat)6. clothing (tops should be light cotton, jeans for the caverns in case you slip and fall. A light sweater in case you need it in the evening)7. rugged boots or sneakers and sandals8. absorbent cotton socks9. back-pack for cave10. fanny pack with bottle holder11. camera/batteries12. film13. credit card14. cash15. ID16. prescribed medication17. aspirins (Excedrin, Tylenol, etc.)18. first aid items (band-aids, neosporin, etc.)19. bug repellent (OFF)20. phone with car/power cords21. emergency phone numbers22. map (road) + Albuquerque map23. music cds24. book cds25. snacks (sweet and salty + fruits)26. laptop with power cords/batteries27. toiletries (shampoo/conditioner/toothpaste/toothbru…facial cleanser/TOILET PAPER/sanitizing hand gel, no rinse/deodorant/perfume/shower gel/ body lotion/razors to shave your legs/nail polish, nail polish remover. The stuff they give at hotels is not always good.)28. prescription glasses29. journal to record trip from the time you leave to the time you arrive home30. pen, pencils, leads, erasers31. games (puzzles, sudoku, etc.)32. book, magazines33. plastic folder to keep all your receipts34. bandanna to wrap around your neck for sweat35. watch36. itinerary of things to do other than caves37. suit case38. trip directions39. spare tire, tire iron, jack40. auto insurance card/papers41. health insurance card42. AAA card43. hotel reservation information (confirmation number, etc.)44. house keys45. Spare car key, dont keep on key chain46. insulated water bottle sleeve to keep water cool



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