Has there been a president that has had an offshore account?

Has there been a president that has had an offshore account?

has there been a president that has had an offshore account? have there been people with offshore accounts that run for president ? if so what happened? did they win loos what?


The US government would not share that information publicly. Although, it is very possible that Presidents use offshore accounts and the congress hide these things from the public eye.


Can you name 5 things Republican ideology has accomplished in the past 20 years? You can't.Here are some Democratic accomplishments:- Obama saved the auto industry (Republicans, PLEASE, don't even TRY to deny this)- Prevented the 2008 financial meltdown from becoming a depression with Obama's stimulus package. Remember, the purpose of the stimulus package was NOT to be a quick fix to the economy, it was meant to put a floor under the collapse so that we could begin building again. There is proof that it was effective because 30% of the stimulus funds were directed towards state and local governments. After the stimulus money ran out in 2010, over half a million public employees immediately lost their jobs.- 8 years of deficit reduction and 4 years of surplus in the 1990s (which Bush ruined after being in office for just one year!) Idiots in the past have forced me to clarify, that having a surplus does not mean we didn't have any debt, it means that we didn't have a deficit.- Got us out of Iraq (Which the Republicans got us into)-- Fact: George W. Bush was the first president in the history of the United States to lower taxes while America was at war!- Thanks to President Obama, for the first time in the history of the United States, 95% of Americans under the age of 65 have health insurance! (Republicans hate this, even though it was originally their own idea...)- Killed OBL (and about 25 other terrorist leaders since Obama was inaugurated)- Increased transparency in the government (For the first time in the history of the US, you can see who is at the White House)- Advanced Human Rights -- Obama got rid of "Don't ask don't tell" and is the first president to show support for gay marriage.- Helped over throw the Libyan dictator without putting a single American soldier in Libya (compare this with how Bush handled Iraq)- Within less than two years of his inauguration, Obama increased the US share of the world market for electric car battery production from 2% to 20%. If his policies remain in place, we are expected to hold 40% of the world market by 2014.- Obama made it so that 85% of revenue on health insurance premiums is required to go towards paying for patient healthcare, as opposed to being collected as profit.


Probably. It wouldn't have been an issue until this election, however, and the Democrats' recent war on wealth.John Kerry paid a lower tax rate in 2004 than Romney does now, but guess what? Nobody cared.



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