Has anyone tried the Ameriprise Auto insurance? How do you rate their service compared to other insurance co?

Has anyone tried the Ameriprise Auto insurance? How do you rate their service compared to other insurance co?

They have a tie-up with Costco and offers a very good rate compared to AAA, Farmers, etc. I signed up with esurance who has a excellent rate but after 6 months, they are raising the premium by more than 30%. A feedback or review on Ameriprise will aid me in decision making. Thanks!


Hi Have you tried these insurance websites,Mercury Insurance,AllState Wawanessa,State Farm,hartford,colonial penn,you have many good chioces but why make it so narrow in choosing insurance for yourself.Source(s):? ON INSURANCE.


Try Nationwide....I don't know about Ameriprise....the one thing you have to remember is that every insurance company is signed w/your state the exact same way..they just might offer different discounts then other companies.....i work for Nationwide....if its available in your state its worth getting a quote just to compare the differences.



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