Geico nonowner auto insurance for rental cars?

Geico nonowner auto insurance for rental cars?

I intend on driving a rental car for a couple of months. I don'-t own a car and never held any auto insurance in the past.Will Geico'-s nonowner auto insurance be right for me? Any feedback for this insurance product? Any nonowner insurance policies I should be avoiding?


A Non-owners policy only coveres for liability on an excess basis. There would be no covearge for dmg to or by the rental vehicle.Most non-owners policies (where you do not own a vehicle) do not cover rental vehicles but you should read through the policy carefully with your agent if need be.Source(s):claims adj


I'm unfamiliar with the Geico coverage but some credit cards automatically include coverage for rental cars if the card is used to pay for the rental. Typically they only cover the rental for up to one month so I wonder if it would be OK if you rented the car one month at a time. At any rate if you will be using a credit card for the rental contact the credit card company to find out what the coverage is. If the rental will be a few weeks from now it might be worthwhile to apply for a different card if yours has inadequate coverage.The rental companies have mini-lease programs for extended rentals and full coverage is available at much lower rates than the usual CDW on shorter rentals. Check with the company you intend to rent from.Source(s):……


Have you compared Geico's coverage and price to the rental car company's coverage and price ? I would let that be the determing factor



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