From vancouver to winnipeg?

From vancouver to winnipeg?

i live in vancouver, but i got a job at winnipeg. I know it'-s freaken cold over there. I heard a lot of negative stuff about winnipeg, but i also heard positive stuff. Anyways, i have a car (Honda Civic) and i am planning to just drive or ship it over there to winnipeg. Is it worth it? or should i just buy a car at winnipeg?


I have no idea why I'm writing novels today: my apologies.My main concern about you driving wouldn't be the cold (although you could become bored to death somewhere between Strathmore and Portage la Prairie) - it's the mountains. It's a bad avalanche spring and I'd be worried at the very least that the road would be closed for weeks on end. You might want to ship it or sell it and buy new - one thing Winnipeg is great for is low prices on everything from electricity to groceries. If you do drive, make sure you have a fully-equipped emergency kit in your car (not in the trunk!) with you and keep your cellphone charged. Also keep to the Trans-Canada - there's cellphone coverage along it (and along the Coquihalla, of course), but coverage along Highway 3, the sucktastic alternative, is spotty.Don't stop in Calgary unless you have a friend to stay with or deep pockets - even cheap motel rooms are expensive there.Someone from Vancouver would find it freakin' cold here. It's not just a "dry cold", though, but a consistent cold: unlike Calgary where the temperature seesaws around like a 2x4 in a tornado, the temperature usually remains relatively level all winter long. This actually makes it a lot easier to acclimatize yourself and keep your car in good shape, since you're not constantly dealing with thawing and freezing. Most of my neighbours keep their cars outside all the time - most of them have block heaters, but otherwise they don't really bother with a garage.Keep in mind that Winnipeg was until recently the national car theft capital. Manitoba's public auto insurance company requires drivers to take certain measures to keep their cars safe from theft. I've attached a link to MPI so you know what'll be expected.Source(s):


Drive your Honda to Winnipeg. It's cold in the winter, but beautiful the rest of the year - and the cold is a dry cold. Not the clammy cold you get on the coast. You'll love it.



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