Florida drivers: What will you be doing with your insurance now that no-fault is going away?

Florida drivers: What will you be doing with your insurance now that no-fault is going away?

I called my insurance company today (USAA) and found that since PIP will no longer be required, they won'-t be offering it. That means a lower premium for me, but less coverage. In response, I increased the limit on my medical coverage from $5000 to $10,000. (I mean the medical coverage on my auto insurance, not my health insurance at work.) Combined with a small increase in my uninsured motorist coverage, I'-m still saving about $85 over six months.Does this sound like the way to go?


Hey There,Im a claims adjuster in Florida and that sounds pretty good. 10k medpay will definately be a big help- but im hoping you have health insurance as well to fill in after that? 10k is very low if its your only coverage. however- in my opinion UM coverage is the most important coverage in the whole world.. i would consider more then a little increase in that.Think about it this way.. you know how many stupid drivers there are in florida w/o insurance...TONS. if you have a high UM coverage.. you are protecting yourself. That way you will never be without someone to go after for the intangibles ("pain and suffering") etc. Medpay only covers actual medical expenses... it doesnt cover anything above that if you get a permenant injury. UM covers anything BI would... BI is that nice big stash of cash that lawyers love to go after for injuries... b/c it includes things up above medical expenses.10k may seem like alot... but... man.. ive seen hits where someone just broke a foot or something... and they were up to 50k or so right there! UM can protect you from all this and put a little money in your pocket if the injury is permanent. Its a very selfish coverage haha... but sometimes you have to think about yourself and think about the worse case scenario you will be in.


You sound like you've got a plan there!I know, I'm so excited for October! Lots of my policyholders are going to be having some great decreases and I'm going to be talking all of them into getting at least 10k in Med Pay to make up for the loss of that coverage.You know, if you don't have Bodily Injury Liability right now, you might think to add it on since you're saving money! I know it's not required or anything, but I never give my customers any other options, haha.How exciting is this law change, eh? :)Source(s):I'm an Insurance Agent.



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