Ever had to file a CLAIM with PROGRESSIVE DIRECT?

Ever had to file a CLAIM with PROGRESSIVE DIRECT?

I am considering switching my Auto Coverage (from Farmer'-s) to Progressive and would like to hear about anyone'-s experience in having to file a claim with them after an unfortunate accident.I am in the process of getting an online quote from them.Thanks.


i am an insurance agent and i live in NC. i actually had someone rearend me and when i took my car in to get it fixed, the body shop had a HUGE sign in the window saying they will NOT do ANY work for Progressive. they evidentially had a very hard time getting paid from them. I used to live in SD and wrote for Progressive and NEVER had a complaint about claims with them. I think it depends on what region you are in and the adjusters in that area. One of the best ways to find out is to contact body shops in the area to see how they deal with them.As an agent who has written for Farmers ( and never will again) I CAN tell you to get out from under them!!!Source(s):agent


I managed bodyshop's for several years in Milwaukee, WI and was a direct repair shop for Progressive. In my experience, Progressive was one of the better companies as far as claims go and the process they use to get them done was very quick and easy. If you have any doubt's about your area, you can contact your states Insurance Commissioner office---should be in the phone book under State Government--- and they can send you a list of companies with the fewest and highest complaints in your area.I would say Progressive is a fair and fast company when it comes to handling claims and resolving isuues and they seem to be more forward thinking about how to make the claims process as easy as possible for people.


If you want to go with Progressive at least go to an agents office so they can give you advice. Going thru Progressive direct means not having any help and taking care of all of it on your own. Everyone thinks they understand insurance until it comes to claims time. You need an agent.Progressive is good with claims.



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