Does Florida auto insurance work in Virginia?

Does Florida auto insurance work in Virginia?

What if you have Florida auto insurance coverage but you move to Virginia? Are you still insured?


What does "work" mean?Florida does not require LIABILITY coverage, only PIP coverage. So the coverages are NOT the same, and FL insurance will not meet VA requirements, HOWEVER: If you're temporarily in another state, and you have at least your minimum state's requirements on your policy, your policy will grant you the minimum state requirements in a state you are temporarily driving in, if you have an accident.So. You're still insured - at least for the first 30 days. But you are NOT going to be able to keep the FL insurance INSTEAD of VA insurance. You'll need a VA driver's license, and VA tags, and to get the VA tags and inspection, you'll need to buy VA insurance.


You have to transfer your insurance to their Virginia office because the rates are different. If you dont let them know you have moved and you get a ticket or file a claim they will deny it or cancel you.


For a time. Legally, you have a few weeks, maybe month to formally change the reg'n and the insurance. As a a practical matter, you'd PROABLY be good until one or the other actually expires.You might actually save money , however, by getting the change done ASAP- depends on the insurance rates. If you use one of the major insurers, just call an agent and they'll transfer the policy.


If you move from one state to another state, then you are not still insured. Florida auto insurance does not work if you are not living in Florida.However, if you are traveling (on vacation, for example), and have not moved, then insurance from the state where you live will work in the state where you are driving.



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