Does auto insurance follow the driver or the vehicle?

Does auto insurance follow the driver or the vehicle?

I'-m about to renew my insurance. My wife and I are on the insurance. My wife rarely drives my car.My wife is also a cosigner for a vehicle for her mom. She is required to be on that insurance. My wife never drives that car.So, if I get the insurance (required by lender) for my wife on her mom'-s car, will she be covered if she ever drives my car?I don'-t want to have her on my policy because she hardly drives and since she has to be on her mom'-s policy, she should already have some form of insurance.What is my best option? Ideally, I'-d like to have me covered for my car and wife + mom covered on the other car. Is this possible? Will my wife still be covered on my car in the rare instance she drives my car? Thanks Yahoo!


insurance follows the car. I would call your insurance company to see if it is detrimental to you by not having her on your policy and explain the situation to them.


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The vehicle. Yes, she will be covered beacuse your policy covers your car and anyone who drives it.


It depends on the state that you live in, wether or not the insurance follows the vehicle or the driver.Source(s):Claims adjuster 5 years


Unfortunately your wife has to be named on your policy to have any coverage while driving your car. Any person who is a resident in your household is to be either named or excluded from your policy. I believe your best option is to take out a policy for all 3 drivers and both cars. You'll all be able to drive both cars and you'll probably get a multi-car discount with most insurance companies. Good Luck!



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