Does anyone out there have Progressive Auto Insurance?

Does anyone out there have Progressive Auto Insurance?

I'-m looking to switch my auto insurance to this company as they seem to have very good rates and customer service. I was wondering if anyone out there has heard of any pros and cons to this company.The most detailed answer will get an easy 10 points. Thanks!


Pros: Well known and respected company. About 2/3 weeks to get a claim taken care of. Voted by car and driver as a top insurer.Cons: Owned by Nationwide. Expensive coverage. Spends over $400 million on advertising every year. Have an average of 1.6 law-suites filled against them everyday. Will drop your coverage for just about any infraction and by contract DO NOT inform you. 23,000 employees.Don't get me wrong. I actually like Progressive. They are the less of the big 3 evils in the insurance world.I personally like Landa. Commercial based company. 2/3 week claim time. Spend less than $100 thousand on advertising every year. 17 employees. 233 independent contractors. A real person answers the phone. 1/5 the price of Progressive. Not one law-suite filled in 30 years of business.Just my 2 cents. Have used Farmers, Geico, Progressive, and Landa.I really like Farmers too. Usually close to Landa's prices. Good company as well.Source(s) / Texas Tech Law Library


They are good co. I had them after my wife had several accidents and renewed my vehicles ins. w/o putting her on it to save on my premiums. Needless to say she later wrecked again and they argued a little at first but since they did not make me sign a waiver saying she would not drive it they had to make repairs. They dropped me right after that but we were with them for about 2 years. Am now with farm burea but progressive was a good company and would definitely use them again.


I had progressive once. They responded very quickly to the accident I had (other driver at fault). Got my car fixed quickly, got me a rental right away! Only problem I had is that they authorized a used gas tank and aftermarket body parts for my Grand Cherokee. I switched to American Family only because I moved an hour away and was able to put two cars and my house on a policy that way cheaper for more coverage!


Well I have Progressive and I've not been cheated, they let you compere rates and theirs was the best.



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