Does anyone know what auto insurance this is?

Does anyone know what auto insurance this is?

I just got backed into today. This is my first accident i have ever got into. I was at work and someone came and got me to let me know someone backed into me. The bumper is completely messed up and the left blinker is smashed. On their insurance card it says OLD AMERICAN COUNTY MUTUAL and UNITED AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE SERVICES. I don'-t know who to contact.


Old American County MutualP.O. Box 793747Dallas, Texas 75379-3747Telephone:214.561.1991 Local866.233.7091 WattsFacsimile:214.561.1990 Main214.561.1988 ComplianceEmail:info@oldam.comUNITED AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE SERVICESPO BOX 940927, PLANO, TX 75094-0927PHONE (972) 701-0500 TOLL FREE (866) 223-0668TOLL FREE FAX (866) 797-8786 NEW BUSINESS / (866) 875-2860 ENDORSEMENTSource(s):……


Contact your insurance, give them the details off the card, including the policy number (you need that to verify who the insurer is), and if you got it the reg plate of the vehicle involved. The reg plates the best 'cos they can get full details from that.Explain to them what happened, and they will then decide who is at fault - as your vehicle was stationary at the time and they backed into you it's most probably going to be their fault, as long as you didn't park it illegally or obstruct their vehicle - if it was illegally parked or obstructing their vehicle they may have to go for photo evidence and then it will probably be both parties at fault.As long as it is decided it's their fault your insurance company will liaise with theirs organise repair of your vehicle and charge the other insurer for the damages.You may find that your insurance will go up regardless of who is at fault, I found out that after having an accident where someone pulled out on me, my insurance has increased by ?100 - insurance companies are such scam artists and need very little excuses to raise premiums.


I think that is a legitimate insurance company.Old American County Mutual Insurance CompanyP O Box 793747Dallas, TX 75379but.....You don't have to contact this company. Simply contact your own insurance and allow them to handle this. Your insurance would only go up if your company paid out for a claim and even then insurance does not always go up. The fear of a (possible) rate increase should NEVER be the determining factor in whether or not to report an accident to your insurance company. To do it that way is just plain STUPID !What in the world do you have insurance for if you are afraid to use it. That makes no sense at all.


You'll want to contact old American county mutual. Report your accident to them. also report it to your insurance agency (i would contact them first). Sorry about your car! Good luck!


I'd call your insurance company about it, they know how to deal with these kinds of problems, :)



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