Does anyone know of Good coverage/ reasonable priced home owners insurance?

Does anyone know of Good coverage/ reasonable priced home owners insurance?

I have tried AAA and their quote seemed outrageous. Is there an insurance company that you know of that offers good coverage at a reasonable price? I am also looking to switch my auto insurance.It would be for a home in Michigan.


ES is right - look for an agent that sells 5-10 different companies, so they can compare rates for your specific home.An independent broker sells more than one company - AAA, Allstate, State Farm, Nationwide (sometimes), Prudential are all "captive" can only offer one company's insurance. Someone who sells Progressive (auto), Safeco (great company), Erie (in PA) are brokers who can find the best solutionSource(s):i'm a licenced independent insurance agent (in pa)


call an independent insurance broker and get quotes. you don't pay anything unless you take the coverage, and pay the premium. If you own a car and give that coverage to the same company, you will qualify for a discount.


This one:… . Fill out the form and they will send you a free quote.Affordable prices and great services.Source(s):…


There's no "one size fits all" cheapest insurance company. One is best for old houses, one for rural houses, etc.There's no short cut - you'll have to shop around, to find the cheapest one for YOU.You can find a local, independent agent at



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