Does anyone know of any pet insurance companies for cats?

Does anyone know of any pet insurance companies for cats?

I have six indoor cats that seem to be in perfect health, but I still want to get them all covered in the event something does happen, as the vet bill could be very expensive. Can anyone help me with this question?Thank you in advance!


Hi Panama JackFirst of all, a disclaimer: I work for Embrace Pet Insurance in Cleveland, Ohio.Being a responsible pet parent to six delightful cats means worrying about their health, I applaud your thinking, you're on the right track. Pet insurance is about being prepared, not about saving money.All pet insurance companies in the US will insure cats, that shouldn't be an issue. They do not distinguish between indoor and outdoor cats.You will find the prices for cat health insurance to be lower than for dogs, usually by 20 - 30%. That doesn't mean cats don't get sick though! The lower price represents the fact that cats are tricky little devils when they are sick - they require fewer trips to the vet than dogs but, when they do get sick, it's often complicated and costs more. We see this in the claims that we analyze.One of the other answers here said that insurance premiums for cats over their lifetime are high. Well, that really depends on how much veterinary care in your area costs and exactly what you would be prepared to do to save your pet's life.Yet other people suggest you put a little money aside every onth but that often leaves you without enough cash should something unexpected happen. Let me suggest to you another way to look at pet insurance.All types of insurance are designed to cover unexpected, undesirable, and expensive events. For example, your auto insurance doesn't cover tire changes or car washes, if it did it would be much more expensive. Pet insurance is no different so when you buy a product that covers everything including visits to the vet for checkups and so on you're paying for it one way or another when you would be better of just budgeting. In other words, day-to-day stuff can be saved for and is a cost of owning any type of pet.The best pet insurance is designed to help you most when something expensive, unexpected, and unwanted happens. As they say, insurance is the one product you can't buy when you need it most, you've got to be prepared.When it comes to cost, you can get affordable pet insurance for 6 cats. For example, a 3 y.o. domestic shorthair residing in zip code 90210 with $10,000 coverage and a $500 deductible/20% co-pay costs $13.19/month with us. That's a lot of coverage for not a lot of money. For 6 cats that's about $80/month or $960 per year.So if just one of your cats got sick and required $2,000 worth of care (very likely in zip code 90210!), you'd pay the $500 deductible, cat insurance would reimburse 80% after that or ($2,000 - $500) x 0.8 = $1,200.Here are some other questions to think about when looking at cat insurance:1. Does the pet insurance company give you a choice of deductibles, maximums, and copays to design a plan to suit your budget?2. Does the plan cover genetic conditions? Make sure their answer is unambiguous because some claim they cover them but there can be "gotchas."3. Does the plan cover chronic or recurring conditions? So if your pet gets sick in year 1, does it cover the same illness again in year 2?4. Does the plan come loaded with coverages that you'll pay for but probably never use, like "Lost & Found" or "Accidental Death"?5. What is and is not covered? Is it clearly stated on their website or over the phone?6. Does the plan pay claims based on a restrictive benefit schedule or the actual vet bill? You want to avoid benefit schedule plans because they have a high probability of leaving you substantially out of pocket when you make a claim.7. Are there per-incident or per-body system limits that effectively cap the amount you could receive back? For example, some plans have a $3,000 per-incident limit. If you had a claim for $5,000 with one of these plans then the most you would get back would be $3,000 - ever.8. How long does the company take to pay claims?9. What are the rules around pre-existing conditions? Are they excluded permanently or temporarily?10. Will my premium go up I make a claim?Now is the time to look for cat insurance, while your six cats are healthy. Get insurance because you want peace of mind and because you don't want to be out of pocket if something unexpected & expensive should happen. Insurance is not a form of savings but it can and should be part of every responsible pet parent's healthcare for their pets.Good luck,AlexEmbrace Pet Insurance


Petco has a insurance for dogs and cats and its not that expansive.


Do a search. There are several out there.I have seen several brochures at the vet's office.Most give a discount if there are multiple cats.Some of them do not pay for routine visits, yearly shots, etc., nor do they pay for pre-existing conditions in your pet.


You should contact your vet & or local pet stores. They should have a list. You should additionally be able to search online & find quite a few. Good Luck


Type pet insurance into yahoo and you will get several companies. I've decided to forgo pet insurance because of this article, particularly this sentence:Pet insurance can cost $2,000 to $6,000 over the life of an average pet, and the chances are slim you'd ever have to shell out that much for treatments.Edit: With your six cats, that could be up to $36,000 you are spending on premiums alone. That doesn't count deductibles and your portion of the bill, normally 20%.Source(s):…


i get mines through…have insurance on all my 6 cats and 1 dog.good luck


i am after the same thing Panama Jack, i am looking for it in the UK , where are you? i am going to google and also ask my vets advice



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