Does anyone know a good auto-insurance for first time drivers in New Jersey ?

Does anyone know a good auto-insurance for first time drivers in New Jersey ?

I'-m well aware that New Jersey has high auto insurance, but I wanted to know does anyone have an recommendations on an affordable auto insurance. I know me being 21 and a male is going to raise it but so far the cheapest would have been progressive for about $300 a month. Any suggestions would help. Thank you


Wow $300 a month? What are you driving, I pay less than 500 per year. Maybe nice new car uh..There aren't good insurers, they are all the same only price changes and if you said you have already looked around what else can you do..Source(s):A the bb that's me!


An import source of rates information can be found at some State Insurance Departments, they show just about every company that operates i the state, not just a select few like the online quote sites review.Though New Jersey's site has some useful guides, they don't seem to have sample rates.…The NY Insurance Department does have sample rates that should still be useful for comparison purposes.…They show a couple nearly 1/2 the cost of progressive.


Use yellow pages, online quotes, TV ads, radio ads. All there for you to inquire.Source(s):ethan+



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