Does any one out there from Massachussets know about Non Owners Auto Insurance?

Does any one out there from Massachussets know about Non Owners Auto Insurance?

Hi,I recently moved to Massachusetts and I am renting a car for almost about two months. I want to take the non owners auto insurance which will cover liability for third party. I called almost every insurance company in MA and non of them even know what a non owners auto insurance policy is. All major insurance companies like GEICO, Progressive, ALL state Liberty Mutual, MEtlife etc..... doesn'-t operate directs in MA and local Agents don'-t provide Non owners auto insurance. CAN SOME ONE FROM MASSACHUSETTS please tell me which company or agent provides NON OWNER'-s AUTO Insurance. Thank you


Thats probably because a Non Owner policy is when you are in between cars and want to prevent a gap in coverage even though you dont have a car. You pay a few dollars each month for a non owner policy. When it comes to rental cars, either your own auto insurance covers rental cars or you have to purchase the insurance at the rental company.Source(s):myself not in Mass


Nope, the named nonowner form is NOT approved for use in the state of MA.So, you won't find it in MA. It's illegal coverage. The state doesn't allow it.You'll have to buy your coverage through the rental contract.Source(s):I'm formerly licensed in MA as an agent


Can't you just insure the car through the rental agency?



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