Do you think Obama has been a good president?

Do you think Obama has been a good president?

I have my own opinion. i just want to get a sense of what the general public thinks.AND GIVE EVIDENCE.


Yes, especially considering the situation he took over. But even with that aside, he has done so much to help Americans. One personal example: My family recently received notice in the mail that we'll be getting a partial refund on our health insurance premiums because Anthem Blue Cross (CA) did not spend 80% of the premiums collected on health-related costs. Because of rules enacted by the current administration, the insurance company is giving a partial refund to all customers (it's like 2% or something), which gives incentive to provide care as opposed to not covering health costs and keeping the difference as either "administration" costs or pure profit. This protects insurance customers from companies denying procedures and payments in order to maximize profits and reduce quality care.There are many other examples I can give you that are more less personal:-President Obama repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” ensuring that no one ever again has to lie about who they are to serve the country they love.-The Department of Justice revised the Americans with Disabilities Act rules to ensure newly designed, built, or renovated public facilities are accessible to all Americans.-The Obama administration fought to save the jobs of hundreds of thousands of educators across the country.-President Obama has worked to raise K-12 standards, invest in teachers, and turn around low-performing schools so that children are prepared for college and careers.-President Obama enacted the largest expansion of land and water conservation and protected wilderness in a generation. He also created the America’s Great Outdoors initiative to develop a community-led conservation and recreation agenda for the 21st century.-President Obama fulfilled his promise to responsibly and safely bring our troops home from Iraq, and is making sure returning servicemembers have the support they need.-One of the first things he did in office was cut taxes for 95 percent of working families. He has also signed 18 tax cuts for small businesses and extended the payroll tax cut for all American workers and their families, putting an extra $1,000 in the typical middle-class family’s pocket.-President Obama made the tough and politically unpopular decision to extend emergency rescue loans to the American auto industry, saving more than 1 million jobs and preventing the loss of over $96 billion in personal income—and the collapse of manufacturing in the Midwest. GM and Chrysler were required to cut labor costs and overhaul their business models in exchange for emergency loans, guaranteeing their accountability to taxpayers—and both repaid their outstanding loans years ahead of schedule. (Mitt Romney wanted to let them go bankrupt)


Well, technically speaking no he has not. He likes to take credit for a lot of things, though I have yet to see which of these things he actually has done, and which of his economics plans have worked. Also, if he had done a good job he would run his campaign on what accomplishments he has made and not hope and change once against, laced with slandering other candidates.He seems to appeal greatly to the poor, and not so much to the rich. Theoretically this is fine, but where does tax many which runs the government come from if not the rich. He can't piss off the rich, and still expect them to like him. I am now talking about his class warfare in 2011, which may secure him some votes, but in the long run it is not good. Rich people will just move away if he is elected a second term if they know they are going to get taxed a ton.Overall I do not have a positive opinion of his progress as president. I am sure Obama is a swell guy, though I don't believe he can put the economy back on track with his big spending policies.I am not for democrats or republicans, I am just looking at this objectively. I assure you I would be just as tough on a republican.Source(s):find or share opinions about Obama:…


A good Pres wouldn't have appointed Van Jones, Eric Holder, Elena Kagen and Sonia Sotomayor. A good President wouldn't refer to American citizens who disagree with him as his "enemies".No. He's a cruddy President, just like I expected him to be with his compkete lack of experience and disdain for American exceptionalism.


He has been the worst president we have ever had and has not given nothing. He has taken money out of the working peoples savings, 401k and their pensions and any stock they had they lost in the stock market. OUR GOVERNMENT DOES NOT MAKE MONEY NOR DO THEY WORK FOR IT, THEY STEAL THE MONEY FROM THE TAX PAYERS! Think of this, he took our money and gave it to a miss managed car company, when they started to pay it back, did they give it back where they got it, no they put it in the general fund. Goggle for an answer and read with an open mind, like Sharia law being used in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Simple question, ARE WE BETTER OFF THAN WE WERE 4 YEARS AGO? Oh also you want evidence, get out the calicator and do the math!Source(s):FED UP AMERICAN THAT KNOWS WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO, I SPANKED MY CHILDREN FOR LIEING


No. His actions raised my taxes three times, cost me my job, started another unwinable war and risked the lives of our Navy seals to go after a guy that was essentially dead already. I didn't vote for him last time and I wouldn't vote for him this time.But the worst thing of all is he is an admitted LIAR.Remember in his own words: Wait til after my election, then I will have more flexibility.He said that to the head of the Russian government. He is a first class con man...nothing more.


The best president we have ever had!Evidence:


He killed Bin Laden, health care, lower tax rates, he brought that new immigration law for immigrants you know the one they opened like two weeks ago. I think hes done great. Now he has to focus on the economy and jobs out there.


Not even close...middle class has lost 40 percent of their net worth, people have lost their jobs, their homes and continue to at high numbers, obamacare is a disaster job killing, budget busting plan, he is a disaster.


Obama is a Fraud , No he's no a good President , He's not good at anything , CHECK HIS RECORD it speaks volumes of his FAILURES ...............


Yes. He lowered my taxes three times, ended the wars, resolved international conflicts with few or no US casualties and killed bin laden.He has my vote.


LOL, no.Source(s):The economy.


The Nobel Peace Prize winner has been and will be a great president, I didn't give him the prize but he earned it.


yes, of the 7 extra states he visited.


Nope. Not at all.


yes one of our best



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