Do you report moving violation tickets to your insurance company, if there is no conviction, just supervision?

Do you report moving violation tickets to your insurance company, if there is no conviction, just supervision?

If a driver receives one moving violation ticket during a 12 month period, pays the fine, and has court supervision, the offense is not reported on their permanent driving record, nor is the license taken.But should this still be reported to your auto insurance company? If so, will your rates go up? What about parking tickets that are paid on time? Must those be reported.If these things need to be reported, and they weren'-t, what happens? Is insurance company automatically notified?


Sounds to me like you need to take the privlidge of driving a little more seriously .Insurance companies do periodical checks on the drivers they insure , I would maybe not volunteer the information but if they ask you need to be honest . You could call your company under an assumed name and ask them ..As for the rates again most companies have a forgiveness policy but if you make a habit of it watch out ..Some states require police or the DOT to notify insurance companies just as insurance companies are required to notify them if you cancel your insurance .. It all depends on the State your in as to traffic school .


Never volunteer information to your insurance company, if you don't have to. They have their ways of findng out things so don't offer them anything.


Only moving violations are on your driving record, so parking tickets will not be there.Don't tell your insurance company about your ticket. If they check the driving record, they'll find out on their own. However, many insurance companies only check when you change your policy. They don't always check at renewal time. The insurance company I work for does this. If they DO find out, your rates will usually go up.


I have never reported anything to my insurance company (except of course an accident) but ticket you get a ticket and it is going to affect your insurance rates they will find it. Usually when you renew your insurance every year they check your records again for anything that has changed.Are you supposed to report tickets? I never have, and have never been told to by anyone. I doubt they would even do anything about it yet, I'm sure they would just wait until they check your records again before renewing the policy.


Where do you live that the moving violation doesn't show on your record? For insurance purposes, they are allowed to go back three years on your driving record. Not all things are reported, parking tickets, perhaps could be one, but certainly not in all states. When you renew your automobile insurance, they will take a look at your record to see if anything has changed, they will then adjust the premium to reflect the new information. Will your rates go up, yeah.



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