Do you really need warranty as long as you keep the maintance up?

Do you really need warranty as long as you keep the maintance up?

I have an 09 truck . I drive alot so it'-s has alot of high miles .The warranty is almost going to expire .Do I really need to buy extra warranty or just keep the maintance up like I have been ontime.


most warranty you buy is not worth the paper it is written on keep up maintenance and nip any problem in the bud do not let a problem developSource(s):ex mechanic


Extended warranty is nothing more than an insurance policy towards repairs. In theory they protect you from the high costs of auto repairs. They are generally worthless. In reality the warranty company (like all insurance companies) notoriously attempt to deny coverage of your claim. In the automotive world they win most of the time. If they can prove neglect or lack of routine maintenance they won't cover your repair. They often claim normal wear and tear as the reason for the denial. The consumer has no avenue to dispute or debate the denied coverage. Once you are denied you have no way to appeal that decision.These companies often pop up and then disappear so contacting them is sometimes very difficult. If they go out of business your money is gone.Many shops won't work with extended warranty providers because they don't pay. The mechanic has no gaurantee that they will get their money so they won't honor the warranty program.When was the last time you had a major repair that you could not afford to pay for out of your pocket? These warranties aren't cheap. They can somethimes cost several thousands of dollars. If you kept your money in the bank where it belonged (under your control) you could afford to pay for these repairs whena and if they happen.Do you have the discipline to save money? If you do you are much better off investing that cash in an account and drawing the money if and when you need it. If you never need it you've got a nice little interest earning investment account. If you do need it, it's there to spend. If you give the money to a warranty company it's gone whether you ever need their services or not.The ONLY extended warranty I would pay for is one sponsored by the manufacturer. These are generally offered in cars called Certified Preowned Vehicles. These factory sponsored warranties are honored at the new car dealer and are exactly like a new car warranty. They aren't cheap either but they do offer a level of security for non denial of coverage, for being there when you need them and for having factory trained techs working on your car.



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