Do you need a car in the military?

Do you need a car in the military?

I am planning on enlisting in August of 09. I currently have a Honda Civic w/ insurance. I wanted to know if you truely need a car in the military. The car is fairly new and reliable. I would also like to know if the Military provides low cost auto insurance and where would the car be kept? I would really like to know all this before I go, any information is helpful. Thanks!


I've been in the military for 7 years (Navy E-6). I'm from NYC, didnt have a car nor license when i joined. My first duty station was Virginia Beach, VA and you definately need a car to get around. As soon as i was stationed here, i went on deployment so i didnt need a car, but when we got back 9 months later, thats the first thing i bought with all the money i saved. My advice to you is to keep your Honda Civic. Join the military if you want. You can always fly home after boot camp to pick up your car and drive back to base providing you drop leave for that. If you ever go on deployment or on tour, you can store your car on military installations (on base). Or you can drive back home, drop off the car and fly back. USAA is the best for car insurance for military personnel. Geico also provides good deals.


Well you can have a car in the military and the service will actually pay for you to take it with you to your duty station. That being said there is always exceptions to the rule. Now if your first duty station is stateside that's not going to be a problem, now if your duty station is Germany you can take it with you. Now when you go to boot and AIT you will not be allowed to take your car but you will go to the schools and find out your duty station, go home pick up your things and report to your location. I liked having my car because it kept me from depending on everyone else for a ride off post. Now the insurance thing, you will have to have insurance to drive onto any post and the cheapest for most military is to go through USAA.


No you don't NEED a car but it's going to suck sitting in the Barracks all the time if you have no ride off post.Than again the Barracks are usually rockin' so it works well either way.


I use for insuranceyou will not use the car during boot campalso, depending on where you get stationed you may or may notbe able to take it with's all up to youSource(s):USAF enlisted


The military doesn't actually have car insurance but there is banks and insurance companies like Geico, USAA that will give discounts for being in the militaryYou can have a vehicle with you but then again it can also depend on where you are. You will not have it during Basic/Boot, you might be able to have it during Schooling but not always. At the base you are assigned to it can depend on the base. You might end up being sent to an Overseas Location where cars from the US can't be shipped. So if that happens then it will be put in storage for you. If you get a place where cars are allowed in CONUS then you can drive it there. If it is a OCONUS assignment where cars are allowed the military will pay to have a shipping company ship it to that location.When you are at your command then you will live in barracks and there is parking lots for cars. If you are deployed the car can be put into storage during that time for free.



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