Do you know if there is an insurance company that insures cars that travels in both Mexico and Texas?

Do you know if there is an insurance company that insures cars that travels in both Mexico and Texas?

I am temporarily living in Mexico and will be crossing the border to Texas. I don'-t know if anyone knows if there is auto insurance that takes care of insurance for crossing the border. Unfortunately, I'-m garaged in Mexico, but so close to the border. I know that I will be going back and forth between Mexico and Texas and wonder if there is anything that I can do for car insurance, because I been told that I need Mexican insurance, but it doesn'-t cover going over to the US. However, I know some US insurance covers some parts of Mexico, but since I'-m garaged in Mexico, I can'-t go with them.Thanks for any help.


It should be possible to register the car in both countries and carry tags from both countries. Your special needs should be handled by a professional insurance agent. He will know how to satisfy your needs.


Your insurance provider will have to be based in Mexico. Normally, you would need a special "rider" to be insured while in the USA. A (Your) Mexican insurance agent can help.Note: Someone suggested also registering in the USA. That would be illegal. You cannot register your car in the USA because your official residence is in Mexico. You cannot have two official residences. You cannot be registered in 2 countries simultaneously



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