Do you have Geico as auto insurance? Have you ever filed a claim with them?

Do you have Geico as auto insurance? Have you ever filed a claim with them?

How did they treat it? Did they drop you? I'-m considering switching to them, and just wanted to know your experience before I take the leap.Thank you!


Hi-guess where I work? -)GEICO is an excellent company with amazing customer service. There are more cut-rate companies out there, but good luck getting Joe Blow insurance on the phone to help you at 2 a.m. when a drunk driver hits a car.Our claims dept is fair and fast, and depending on the nature of a claim (severity), are frequently resolved in a matter of days. There is seriously a real person live at GEICO 24-7.An accident alone doesn't change your rates. It's honestly a combo of your driving record, where you live, the kind of car you drive...and you don't need to have an insurance pay for any little accident.You can switch whenever you want. I would honestly recommend GEICO for the service. Anything you don't understand about car insurance can be explained by an associate...It's funny, I don't have GEICO because we have our home owner's insurance thru another company. When I filed a minor at-fault loss last year I could never reach my agent, or my adjuster...I had to log in online 4 months later to find out how much my premiums increased. Although this probably would have happened anywhere-I really wish I had more human contact to explain what was going on. You'll always get that at GEICO.Source(s):I work for the little green guy :)


We had Geico for about 5 years when my wife had a minor claim (About $700)Our premiums almost doubled.Plain and simple, we saved a lot of money by switching FROM Geico


We can almost always save people money by switching them from GEICO. Almost the only times we fail is when:1) They don't want to list their kid(s) on the policy even though they live there. or something else that doesn't make sense ("I garage my cars in the country, but send the bills to THIS address in the inner city", etc.)2) They ignore the plea to get decent liability because they own a house (GEICO doesn't do home insurance -- if you have a home to protect, you don't want to lose it because you're being sued for $100K but your company only pays the first $20K).But they often pay claims pretty quickly.Go to an independent agent with lots of companies, and have them do the Travelocity/Priceline/Expedia approach -- have them shop it around.Remember, GEICO spends about half a billion (yes, billion) dollars a year on advertising. So, premiums must be paying for that, right?



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