Do police in Calgary Alberta report car accidents to auto insurance companies?

Do police in Calgary Alberta report car accidents to auto insurance companies?

Hi All - Got myself into some trouble with a fender bender. Unfortunately I rear ended someone. There was minor damage to the other driver'-s bumper and I agreed to pay for the damages out of my pocket. And he agreed not to tell my insurance company. We also ended up filing a police report. I'-m a little worried the police will tell my insurance company and my rates will still go up, even if I pay for the damages myself.


I would think if the other Party was to file a claim with their Insurance Company it would the Insurance People asking for a Police Report. Unfortunately whether you pay or the Insurance pays here in Ontario generally 2 occurances and your rates go up.


Insurance company will find out because they are plugged into the data base. They probaly will raise your rates even though your accident didn't cost them a dime. The insurance companies could give lessons to Shylock when it comes to greed. Oh, and by the way, your points (if any) will come off your license in a couple of years. But the insurance company has a long memory and will continue to charge extra on premium.(one of the questions they probably asked when you first signed up was "Have you had any tickets in the last FIVE years")


Will they ring up your insurance company and tell them directly? No. Will the police report wind up on a data base that your insurance company will have access to? Yes. But since it didn't cost them anything, they probably won't care.



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