Do I use my Windsor or Toronto address to apply for auto insurance?

Do I use my Windsor or Toronto address to apply for auto insurance?

I live in Windsor, but I'-ll be taking part time classes for 2-4 months for the next 4 years at the University of Toronto. So, I'-ll be living in Toronto for 2-4 months, but once I'-m finished, I'-ll be heading back to Windsor until next year. My permanent address is in Windsor.


You should use your permanent address which is in Windsor. Windsor rates are probably lower anyway.




Would it not be THE most correct step to speak with the auto insurance company agent or representative as to any auto insurance questions you have? Always go to the source. Always go to the source. Would you agree? Should you get the incorrect information here, there would trouble in case of accident. Would you also agree with that? By the way, do you have parents? I get the vivid impression that a lot of kids these days do not speak with their parents and prefer to post questions online. From where I sit, this does not make much sense. Bye.



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