Do I need car Insurance to use Roadside Assistance?

Do I need car Insurance to use Roadside Assistance?

I am wondering the above question.


A bit of 'insider advice' that most folks don't know- Rather than adding Roadside Assistance to your Auto Insurance policy, it is much wiser to join AAA instead! Even though it may cost as little as $25 per year to include it on your auto insurance, I still suggest paying $60 or so for an annual AAA membership instead.Each time you utilize the Roadside Assistance on an auto policy, the majority of insurance companies report a CLAIM on your CLUE Report (7-year History of all auto insurance claims you make)! Even if it's just for a jump start, having a flat tire changed or some other minor thing. They will report it and show the $50 or $60 service call as the claim amount.A few of these claims (on their own) will rarely cause any issues. But combined with an at-fault accident, traffic citation, and/or other comprehensive (not-at-fault) claims, they can cause significant premium increases or even cause some companies to non-renew your policy when it expires!The same warning applies to glass replacement even if you have Full Glass Replacement Coverage. It's a $0 deductible to get a new windshield or replace a smashed window, but it will show up on your CLUE Report also!Some companies will report a $0 Claim if you call them and ask specific coverage/claim questions about your policy! State Harm, I mean Farm, is the worst about this. If you call your agent and ask specific coverage questions, they often assume that you've had a claim event even if your policy doesn't pay a penny on it!Source(s):Licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Agent (Independent) in Georgia


if your roadside assistance is through your insurance company and you want your insurance to pay for it, of course duh, but if you just need a tow, and you want to pay for it yourself, then just call a wrecker company and they'll tow you where ever for a hefty price, insurance or no insurance. as long as they get their money.


Of coarse. The insurance company calls the roadside assistance.. Then the insurance pays them



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