Do i have to put that I had an at fault accident on my auto insurance quote if the police did not come to the?

Do i have to put that I had an at fault accident on my auto insurance quote if the police did not come to the?

I'-ve been looking for better car insurance but now I just recently had an accident and was found at fault. (Totally not my fault though true story) but anyway It just happened a few days ago. There was no ticket given or anything my insurance claim was just denied by the other driver'-s insurance company. So would that be on my driving record as an at fault accident. The other driver did file a police report. I just hope that that'-s not on my record because I had a perfect record up until now and I really can'-t afford to pay more for car insurance.


yesit will be on your insurance record


It most certainly is on your record, absolutely for sure.It won't show up on a conviction record with the DMV, but it will show up on the central database that all insurers use. And if you were found to be at fault for it, it will show up as an at-fault accident. To insurance companies, accidents and convictions are two totally different things. And they search your background for both.


duh lets see hmm nope your screwed sorry no matter what you want or think or do the information is available to the insurance company. Every time you even whisper to an insurance company you are in their data base so get over it. you do dnot get to keep your perfect record because you had an accident. Now you are in the same boat as a person with one accident on their record. Welcome to the club. In three years you can claim accident free, but not until then.


It wouldn't be on your DL, but it will be in the insurance database.



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