Do I have to pay a fee if I cancel my auto insurance?

Do I have to pay a fee if I cancel my auto insurance?

I want to cancel my insurance because I find a better one. I'-m ok to pay a early termination fee but the company told me I have to pay in full before cancel. I have 8 months more to pay, I think it'-s ridiculous. Any advice about it. I live in philadelphia, pa.


know you do not, you have the right to change ins any time you want.all you have to pay them is the payment for that month not the rest of the polic, when you cancel they will send a letter to the state that you drop ins with them ,so when you get insurance with the new comany tell them to make sure they send a letter to the state that you have insurance ,then you want have to pay a laps fee with the state, im in georgia and that how it works here i no its like this is most states now they can run your tag to see if you have insurance. so just make sure you tell the new copany to send in that letter ,you stilll probly will get a letter but all you have to do is fill it out and put you changed ins co ,and send it back. but dont let the old company fool you in to paying the hole seven months. you dont have to...


There is no fee to cancel normally. You most likely will get a refund if the prorate the number of days you're not going to use the insurance.



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