Choosing the most affordable insurance company?

Choosing the most affordable insurance company?

I'-m currently staying in Texas and I am shopping for an auto Insurance for my Mitsubishi Lancer ES 2011. I'-m 22 years old and I started driving for the past 9 months, and also had received my Texas drivers license 9 months ago. I never had an accident of any kind or received any tickets.I need to find an auto insurance company that'-s affordable, I understand that because i'-m a new driver and young I will be paying more. But I would like to get any tips on getting a cheap quote while satisfying all minimum state requirements for bodilly injury liability, property damage, motorist and etc. plus a $500 deductable for both comprehensive and collision coverage.Also if im asked how old I was when I received my drivers license, would it make a difference in my auto insurance monthly payment if I lied and said I been driving since I was 20 instead of 22?


Good luck on that.I'm in Houston, just so you know. The CHEAPEST insurance I found for my 19 year old son, was Safe Auto - I don't know if they'd give you your collision and comp, though. For bare bones minimum coverage, keeps ya legal, they are $2500 a year. Add that physical damage coverage on, I'd expect you'll be getting quotes closer to $8,000.If you haven't bought the car yet, don't. Buy a $2500 clunker, where you don't need collision and comp. For the car payments on that Mitsu, plus extra insurance costs, you can buy a new clunker every other month, and come out ahead of the game.Lying doesn't help. See, you might get a cheaper rate up front quoted, but all that information is going to get verified, and when they see you've had your license less than a year, it's going to be uprated retroactively, and either cancelled if you don't pay the extra amount, or you'll pay the extra, anyway.


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