Cheap ny auto insurance for 25 y/o?

Cheap ny auto insurance for 25 y/o?

I am a 25 years old with NYS driver license over a year, no accident or claim whatsoever, and I'-m paying Geico $279 a month for liability for a 1994 Volvo 850. I can'-t do it anymore. I have seen people with DUI, claims, screwed up credit records, pay less than $100 as me- same zip code. Is there any company out there I can buy policy from around $100? I may as well falsify documents to register the car in NH or Wisconsin state to escape mandatory auto insurance.


it's a volvo, and parts are $$$$$ people like to hit volvos to claim on their insurance-I think you have little to complain about. If you can't afford to run it, you shouldn't have it.



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