Car Shipping or Car Service options?

Car Shipping or Car Service options?

HELP! While driving in I80 going to Chicago, our mazda 626 car broke down, a towing company was able to tow us out of I80 and into Montpelier,OH..we'-re now staying in a hotel, but since its a weekend we don'-t have much options on what to do with our car. Are there any suggestions on what we can do and what would be a better option? First, we'-re thinking of having it fixing by a local auto service shop, but the only one that we know of won'-t be open until monday and is not sure if they can accomodate us. Any recommendation on how we can have our car fixed? Second, our other option is to ship/tow it from here to Chicago?Any recommendations on towing/shipping company that won'-t cost that much and could bring our car to chicago as soon as possible? Help!!!!!!!


first, call your insurance and tell them the situation, it may be covered under your comprehensive policy. then the insurance will pick up the hotel, then have your car looked at monday morning and if it is fixable within the day then hang around and get it fixed, if it's something like a blown engine where it could be days or weeks, then the insurance would pick up the cheapest between a rental car or airfare and taxi to get you home, get the car fixed there and then go back and get it when it is done. if you don't have insurance the cheapest thing to do would be to stay put until monday in the hotel and get the car looked at monday morning, if it's fixable that day, get it fixed and go on, if not rent a car and drive home, leave your car there and get it fixed and then go back and get it when it's done. i have a car in my shop that was driving through chicago and blew the engine and it's way to columbus, it got a used engine put in and the people went on their way home, it's been there for a month, all courtesy of state farm insurance. shipping the car and you home would be astronomical as most towing companies charge $32 a mile, plus hookup feesSource(s):15 years as an ase master tech



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