Car ferry from florida tampa to mexico progresso?

Car ferry from florida tampa to mexico progresso?

Looking to take a car down to mexico. Heard that from Tampa, Florida you can take a ferry to Progresso Mexico. Name of ferry company? How much per person? How much for the car? What kind of paperwork is needed?


It was the Scotia Prince (also know as the Yucatan Express) and it went out of business about 5 years ago. It would do summers ferrying toursits from the US east coast to Nova Scotia and then Winters on the Tampa - Progreso route.Now you have to ship your car and fly down.We used Linea Penisular (Panama City Florida - Progreso) 2 years ago and the cost was about $600 USD each way when you added in brokerage fees and taxes. I think the price is by size and weight. That price was for a 2005 PT crusier convertable. You must ship your car empty.For paperwork. You also need to buy the import sticker, that's about $40 but not hard to get. You will need your ownership, if the car is not 100% owned by you, like it's financed you may be asked for a letter from the finance company or bank giving you permission to bring the car to Mexico. You will also need Mexican auto insurance.Your car needs to clear both US customs and Mexican customs so it took about 10 days.If you have the time, it's easier and cheaper to drive around the gulf.Edit: This all assumes that you are intending to take the car with you when you leave. If your intention is to leave or sell the car in Mexico then there are further steps. You won't need the sticker (at least I don't think so) but you will need to pay the import duties and I think plate the car with Mexican plates. Something I've never done but I understand it's a much more involved process.Source(s): in Chicxulub Pto. just east of Progreso.



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