Can you make an auto insurance claim without a police report?

Can you make an auto insurance claim without a police report?

I just got into a minor accident a few hours ago. I accidentally bumped into the guy in front of me. I seen the damage to his car and it was just a crack on the rear bumper. No damage has been done to my car besides a bent license plate. Then he claims that I scratched him spoiler too. I said I would pay $500 for the damage but he wanted $2000 from me. I said I don'-t have that kind of money and he when ahead and called the police. Officers came a few minutes later and assessed the damage but they didn'-t file a police report. They had us make an agreement and he accepted my $500 offer. Since I didn'-t have cash on me, I said I need to make a trip to the bank. Both the other car and the officers follow but mid-way the officers stopped following because the bank is in a different police district. When we arrived to the bank, he refused my offer and wanted $2000 to pay for the damage. Then we just exchanged insurance information. I only wrote down the insurance policy number, model of the car, year it was made, his address and whom is insured to (his parents and not him). However since I forgot my cell phone today at home, I could only do so much. He took pictures of my insurance card, driver'-s license, license plate number, the damage to his car and took down my number saying that we will "-talk"- it out. Like him the car I was driving is only insured to my parents. I am only 20 years old, this is my first car accident and I have no idea what to do next. I told my parents about the indecent and they said that he cannot file an insurance claim without a police report but I see differ from the answers I fought online. Please help me!


Your parents are wrong. No insurance company requires a police report to make a claim. Many police departments will not even send an officer to the scene, let alone write a report.The guy seems like a scumbag, don't settle privately with him, he seems the type to take advantage.Call your insurance, give turn the info you have and let them handle it.When the guy calls you, give him the claim number and tell him to call them. Do not speak to him after that.


Marshall,A this point simply report all the facts to your insurance agent. They will take care of thing from here. That's what they are paid for. Regardless of innocence or guilt, allow them to do their job. The guy you had the accident with is trying to take it for all it is worth. Don't allow him to do so. Your insurance agent will know how best to deal with it. Contact them with the specifics as soon as possible.


You would not file a claim as you have no damage. He will call your insurance company and make a claim. they will then call you (parents) to confirm it is valid.But if he wants to settle it without insurance have him go get three legitimate estimates for the damage to his bumper and you will pay him the middle one or the average. you can negotiate that.You then write him a check and in the memo portion and on the back where he endorses it write "full and final settlement for the accident on 12/28/2010"Once cashed he cant come back after you for more.If the estimate is too high for what you think you did just tell him to go through the insurance and be done with it. Of course you want to keep it off your insurance if it is not going to cost that much just to keep your rates low. But if is an outlandish amount then that's what insurance is for.A police report is not needed all the time. In this case it is pretty clear who is at fault becase the damage is to the rear of his vehilce. You were following to close, do not need a police report to tell us that. With more complicated accidents or injuries that is when you will want to insist on a police report to get an independent third party opinion of the facts.



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