Can you insure a vehicle in a different state than it is registered?

Can you insure a vehicle in a different state than it is registered?

I'-m a college student, so I live in IL four months out of the year and ohio the other 8. Going to be buying a car this summer and would like to be able to use it over the summer so I'-ll probably be registering it in IL right away. Only thing is that ohio has lower state minimum coverage for auto insurance then IL, so the premiums are lower- obviously I'-d like to buy ohio insurance, but I'-d prefer to avoid the hassle and expense of re-registering the car in ohio once I get back to school in the fall.So can I buy ohio insurance (since at least in terms of time out of the year spent there it is my primary residence, and it where I'-ll drive the most) even if my car is registered in IL?


When you are a college student living out of state, if you are in student housing then your car needs to be registered and insured thru the state your parents live in-that is your permanent address. However, if you live off campus, you can tag and insure it in the state you go to school


once you go to any state for more than 30 days you are considered a resident. One bored rookie cop is all it takes to rack up some 1000 dollar fines impound fees and more money trying to straghten the mess may be able to keep the title and license plate and tags for your home state but you may have to pay some registration fees for the new state. Call the dmv annonymously and ask them what is the best thing to do? take a chance ? or can you buy dual registration and just go back and forth? I know people who have had thier cars impounded and some who got away with it for awhile too. good luck do your research you may have to leave the car in its home state for all I knowit is however to have plates from one state with insurance from another state. The cop will write you a ticket for that for being out of compliance



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